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  • Passer le aspirateur: I don't vacuum anymore, I 'aspirate' those dust bunnies.

  • Soutien-gorge: And exactly HOW is a bra a 'throat support'?

  • Lèche-vitrines: window-shopping, but literally "window licking" Yep. I've been there.

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What I've found is that brain farts occur less if you are studying another language. However, it's masked by the growing inability to remember English because you're speaking another language most of the time. So what you're left with is a word search but for different reasons. Does that make sense? In other words, I'm losing my language not my memory. I have the word i want, it just comes out in French!

I can relate to the brain pain you speak of, tut, I feel that quite often here. I also sense when some neuron connections are completed and suddenly I have a burst of new usable French language at my fingertips. It's an astounding and delightfully welcome event.

Learning French is by far one of my most enjoyable challenges. Learning it by immersion in France is a major part of the reason. Motivation runs high when I look at some of the interesting faces and lives around me whose stories I want to hear. The more French I learn, the deeper I can go in my friendships with them.


Hi! I just found you via No Place Like It. You and I are kindred spirits...we should move to Paris together (I'll need a roommate, anyway!)

Seriously, though. I live in San Francisco, and travel to Paris everyday via the blogs, too.

Nice to meet you.


Tut, I'll be in CA from March 17 to April 22. Hope I see you there or here...

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