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  • Passer le aspirateur: I don't vacuum anymore, I 'aspirate' those dust bunnies.

  • Soutien-gorge: And exactly HOW is a bra a 'throat support'?

  • Lèche-vitrines: window-shopping, but literally "window licking" Yep. I've been there.

Kristin Espinasse

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I swear it's a scam. I had the same thing happen to me at CDG once. They passed me through only after I insisted the supervisor look up the rules and fees on their computer to prove I was right. The supervisor then told me their scales were off and I could go through. It's good to keep a printout of the current baggage rules with you when you go, so they can't fudge on the fee amounts. I read in a travel newsletter that this is a frequent practice of the airlines.

This must mean you are back, now! I want to see you as soon as you are ready to receive friends. My sister, Roberta, is here and would love to see you, also.

Nancy LoBalbo

Ach...CDG and the employees who get into their "fonctionairre" mode. I just had this conversation with my husband the last time we were there. He insisted on arguing at the baggage counter over the location of our seats (it had been changed). The gentleman at the counter just kept repeating the same phrase in explanation. As far as baggage goes, I haven't had a problem.... yet


welcome home

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