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  • Passer le aspirateur: I don't vacuum anymore, I 'aspirate' those dust bunnies.

  • Soutien-gorge: And exactly HOW is a bra a 'throat support'?

  • Lèche-vitrines: window-shopping, but literally "window licking" Yep. I've been there.

Kristin Espinasse

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Jeanne Miller

Wow! What a dance! And what a fascinating story behind the cariatids! You're right - the sculptural representation of two Loie Fullers holding up the balcony make it an extraordinary building. The building I thought of was the Grand Palais. I love that glass dome, from inside, from outside, from near, and from far.


I love the Grand Palais too. Maybe I need to try my experiment again and focus on public buildings and see what comes up in my mind.


I loved watching Loie do her dancing skirt number. It's pretty amazing.
I have a few buildings in mind, but I don't know their names. There's a mansion in the Marais across the street from a dress shop that has unusual columns and an ornate roof. I have a photo of it on Flickr, I think. Also, there's a building in Montparness that's just sitting on a mundane street surrounded by plain apartment buildings, but it is so beautifully designed that I fell in love with it. Maybe because it just appeared out of nowhere is why I remember it. Of course, there's the old Opera House and Bon Marche and Galeries Lafayette...

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