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  • Passer le aspirateur: I don't vacuum anymore, I 'aspirate' those dust bunnies.

  • Soutien-gorge: And exactly HOW is a bra a 'throat support'?

  • Lèche-vitrines: window-shopping, but literally "window licking" Yep. I've been there.

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Well, let me share an experience with you, Miss Tut. I once thought that if the French sled owners used English to guide their Canadian thuskies, it was by snobbery. But when I decided to return to the US in the '90s and planned on bringing our colley along, I began speaking to her in English.

I used the same tones of voice and repeated the same orders she was used to hearing in French over and over again in English. The poor dog tried sitting, backing up, going to get her ball, lying down, and finally became desperate trying, as best she could, to please me. All this to no avail. Even after long months, she never managed to decode in a second language what she understood right off in French!

Fortunately our daughter decided to keep her here in France where she lived to the ripe old age of 18, a rare feat for a colley. Considering the popularity of cars on the West Coast, had I brought her with me, the result might well have been fatal. I fear that, likely or not, she would never have managed to learn to read those pesty "wait" and "walk" signs!


Oups, maybe you could edit that word husky so it's understandable? Thanks, Tut. Typical French dog in the ad, he talks much too fast!

Madame Tut

Oh Barbara, that's so funny! My dog still doesn't respond to ANY language....

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