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  • Passer le aspirateur: I don't vacuum anymore, I 'aspirate' those dust bunnies.

  • Soutien-gorge: And exactly HOW is a bra a 'throat support'?

  • Lèche-vitrines: window-shopping, but literally "window licking" Yep. I've been there.

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You needn't jump in a plane, Tut. Paris is an hour and a half away. Too far. Do know, however, that we will take your thoughts with us in our hearts when we participate in the march in Auxerre at 5:00 pm today.


PS. Thank you for the link to BMF, Thanks to you, Tut, I'm watching it right now as I write this. I had an English lesson with the local newspaper in Auxerre on Thursday morning. When I arrived, a member of the staff, who wasn't one of my students, asked me how I said, "Bonne Année" in English. A replied, "Happy New Year" and added, "But it's really and Unhappy New Year" and found myself sobbing. I arrived in class and it took me over five minutes to dry my tears. The staff felt the same emotion. Irony of destiny, the paper was in debt and could well have had to stop publishing in the months to come. Now they have taken off stronger than ever and given the "man (and woman) in the street" "la parole" (the right to speak"). The French often feel a certain irony concerning the French police. (It's true that during WWII they were the first to collaborate!) But things are moving "on" and we are living a mini-revolution, the first since 1968?

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